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Obituary of Paul Fox

The Guardian in London published an obituary of second-wave punk guitarist Paul Fox. He died of cancer at 56.

It has a standard obituary lead, givng his name, age, cause of death, and the reason he is known. It works because the writer then veers into biography.

It doesn't really list any sources. None of the information, much of it biographical or listings of the bands he had worked with, is attributed. I looked up the author, Peter Mason, and found that he has written a book about calypso but nothing about punk. I can only speculate that much of this information is contained in musical reference books.At the bottom however there's information about survivors including an ex-wife who it says he had reconciled with. Maybe the information came from her, unless the writers was a friend of the deceased.

Obituaries differ from resumes because they contain sometimes critical information.For instance, this talks about the problems he had with heroin and the bad sales of his records.