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Blog on Numbers- Americans not yet ready for Bush 2008

The Washington Post just contained a super-number-centric articles about how Americans want change. It's certainly a broad subject, how do you really embody that in a poll? They focus on political change, that people are unhappy with Bush, across political lines even. It also brings in how people are disappointed with the Democrat(ic) congress and the progress in the War in Iraq. All told it's a lot of numbers to squeeze into one story. It spends the first half page of this story on numbers that relate to dissatisfaction and then ties it into the current primary elections, suggesting that citizens might be dissatisfied with Washington overall, or with politics.

To back up these numbers the writer uses comments from citizens based on their political positions. It gives a face to the numbers and helps explain what lies behind them emotionally, I guess the why of them. The third page provides perspectives of political insiders and pundits to try and explain the numbers behind the presidential approval ratings.