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Qwest Vandals- Pi Press Scoops the Star Trib

Last week, three men were arrested for vandalizing cable boxes in Minneapolis. Both papers covered it at the time. However, the PP has somehow scooped the Trib on a Minneapolis story. They found a buddy of theirs that gave the motive for messing with cable boxes. It is the following: "He literally does this stuff because he thinks it's funny." Wow.

Ok, so the public IS wondering what these guys were up to. Explaining that they're just pranksters informs the public that they aren't anti-tv extremists or something. T.V. is safe. The question I would ask: How believable is this guy?

The reporter actually does a great job balancing these concerns. She goes to Xcel and the Comcast to try to confirm what this guy said were work histories. She also talks to cell phone providers to match his descriptions of pranks to actual events. Last she checked state records to confirm the convictions that this guy described. All in all she did a great job on what is more or less a stupid story (or a story about stupid people). She ends with a Comcast Spokesperson describing the huge risk of electrical shock. And even reports that she has tried to get interviews with the accused.