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Computer Assisted Reporting

This is the final focus assignment. I'm very happy about that. It's about computer assisted reporting. I retrieved the article from the NICAR.ORG website. It's a computer-assisted report from KHOU in Texas about robberies at ATMs. It's a pretty good subject to cover. You don't often here about these robberies, or at least you don't read about them. It uses computers to chart the areas where these crimes occurred. It then goes into detail about laws that supposedly protect customers at outside ATMs, but usually just protect banks from liability. Although this subject doesn't especially interest me, it's done well; informative with relevant and useful information.

I'm not sure of the role that computers played. They used it to electronically chart the locations of each robbery. They really didn't have that many locations, this could have easily been done by hand. It's not a bad thing that they used computers, it just wasn't especially relevant.

Whoa. I just listened to the broadcast. The editing is really weird. The narration cuts into the quotes super close like, ..."driving in his car." "On my way to work." Brian Erickson had a the "scared, for 200$." ANyway, super weird.