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Week 1

It's actually the beginning of week two, but being the procrastinator I am, I'm writing about the first week, of Spring Semester 2008 at the beginning of the second week.
Part of me is in disbelief that I have been here for this long. I'm finally a senior in my last semester.
It's also a terrifying reality check. Yet I'm still excited about it.
So here I am. Taking a bunch of required classes in order to graduate...except for this one. I always pick one random class. One class that detaches me from the Child Psychology world for a few hours and one that also ties me to a different kind of reality.
I think it keeps me balanced.
Feminist media is a new thing for me and it excites me a great deal. I am not sure exactly what to expect, but I think I prefer it that way. In my psych classes there are ongoing and never-ending discussions about the influence of the media on children. This includes the good, the bad and then goes into depth of how “good? and “bad? labels are defined. Can the media impact the outcome of a child? Who knows. While I am looking forward to gaining new perspectives as well as new ways to think analytically, I am slightly more interested on what kind of impact the media has on me. How will this course change the way I think about what I watch? How will it change the way I think about myself? Will it change the way I think?