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I agree with both of these articles very much. I am an advocate of the fact that i vehemently disagree with discrimination and prejudice, yet i realize that just like everyone else in this world, i stereotype people. It is as impossible as objective news is. People use stereotypes all of the time and sometimes they are correct.

Not everytime these stereotypes are correct but sometimes they are and for our survival we sometimes need to use them. If you are alone in an alley and someone is in a shadowed corner, you should be scared and frightened by someone that hangs out in an area like that. We have these stereotypes for our survival i believe.

These stereotypes should not be needed to believe that other races are inferior in any way, but they are there for a reason in my mind. And no one can say that they do not use stereotypes because every small judgment you make about someone's style or hair color on as you cross by them in the street is a stereotype. I know that I am guilty. I use stereotypes to feel other people out and figure them out. But the use of them to judge someone as inferior is not correct and is wrong.