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Why are the rich so bad?

I had an interesting thought today. I was thinking about the cycles of class. They say that there is a glass ceiling on the people of lower class and that they can never break the cycle of poverty. These kids born into this are born into their families and their families habits and views whether they are good or bad. They learn how people of their class and their background live. The same is with the children born into the upper class. They are born into money and a family with certain views and a certain lifestyle. The funny part is that we look down upon these kids for taking their parents money and live the way that their parents live in their large houses and pools and extravagant vacations. But who wouldn't? Up to a certain point as a teenager what are you supposed to do? You adapt a lifestyle just as your parents live because that is the way that you are raised. On the contrary, we do not look down upon the lower class as being snobby and resent them for living the lifestyle that they do. This is an odd idea and subject for me to write about because I am a huge advocate of education and the doors that it can open in childrens lives and I am part of the white upper middle class I suppose if i really look at myself but I dont consider myself to be that. I am not trying to be stereotypical in any way of any class it was simply an observation that i have made about the way that people view and resent/pity people with and without money. When really, we learn our class and lifestyle from the people around us. Why are the rich kids bad? I do not think that anyone should be treated inferiorly I am just suggesting that we all learn our own prejudices no matter what class we are in.