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City vs. suburbs/rural

The suburbs are eerie. Everyone waves at each other in town and they all somehow know each other. Mom's are all driving mini vans with their what seems to be happy families. Most of the houses are the same. They all are painted earth tones and anything ununiform stands out like a sore thumb. The grass is nicely trimmed and all of the trees are the same height. No one is unique. They all wear the same clothes and kids look lost. They seem stuck.

This was my entry that i wrote about the suburbs as a city person. I am from the suburbs. I really like this entry because in a way it reflects what I think, just in an extreme way. I like my life in the suburbs and I actually like things like that fact that I know most of the people that drive by and the dogs that are on walks. I just find it interesting what i think actually defines the suburbs.


I find it really interesting how you describe the suburbs as sort of a utopic setting. Everything is the same and safe, it kind of reminds me of the movie "Pleasantville." It's very odd hearing this type of description about the suburbs that I would have never even thought about.