Free Game Memberships 2015

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In today's game market, 90 percent of games require some type of membership to play. This is so the developer of the game can make money; however, for some people it is hard to get a membership because they simply can't afford one.

That being said, I was determined to find the best website that offers free game memberships for 2014 and 2015. The best website that I stumbled upon was has over 5,000 Facebook likes and Twitter followers.This is the biggest following I have seen from a site like this so I had to check it for myself. So, I signed in to my account on their website and starting earning points to save up for my membership.

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Three days later, I earned enough points from playing games and participating in unique offers that I got to trade my points in for a free game membership of my choice. I am a huge Club Penguin player so I chose the game Club Penguin. Needless to say, I received my game membership code in my email and used it. IT WORKED!!!

I highly recommend checking out Free CP Memberships if you are looking to get a free membership for your favorite game. It worked for me and it will work for you.

There are a couple other sites like this that I found when searching online; however, none of them had as big as a social media following as this one did. I don't really trust the other sites, but they seemed fake to me but you can try them out for yourselves if you want.

Castle Clash Cheats 2015

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Castle Clash is another very popular game app in the market today. This game has been in the top 20 grossing app in the Apple App store for a couple years now with millions of downloads.

Castle Clash is just like Clash of Clans in that you need to build a base (in this case a castle) village while attacking and holding off your enemies. If you love playing Castle Clash then you need to check out the cheats to grow your village faster found at

Some of the best tips that I have found for Castle Clash was from this website and this site has helped me become one of the best players on the game, even reaching the top of the leader boards.

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The best cheat I got from this website was learning the best attack strategy to use against your enemies. Because of the cheats i got from them, I have not lost a battle since. Every time I attack someone I will come out ahead.

Another cheat i got from was how to battle in the arena. When you win battles in the arena you can get a lot of free stuff. You want to make sure you know what you are doing in the arena so you don't lose your heroes and everything.

No matter what kind of Castle Clash cheats you are looking for, head over to today. They even have a great working Castle Clash hack for you to get free gems. I definitely recommend checking them out.

Boom Beach Hack 2015

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If you love playing Boom Beach but hate not having a lot of diamonds or resources then you need to check out the new Boom Beach hack 2015. Everyone who plays Boom Beach knows that it is a quite a process getting a lot of resources and diamonds to keep building your village.

Because of the process it takes, we have developed the new Boom Beach hack 2015 so that you can get free unlimited diamonds, lumber, iron, gold coins and more. We have partnered up with a great developer team to create this free tool for you to download.

In order to keep expanding your beach village you must have a certain amount of resources handy or you have to use your diamonds. This can take a long time before you can collect all the resources you need. However, now with the new Boom Beach Hack 2015, you can get as many resources as you want within minutes.
boom beach hack 2015

Now I will tell you how to get the new working Boom Beach Hack 2015.
1. First you need to find out working hack at our website. Click on the picture above to go to our page where you can download the working hack.
2. Once you are on the page, click the download button and save the free hack tool to your computer.
3. Follow the instructions carefully. If you mess up even one step the hack won't work properly.
4. Enter in your username, and the amount of lumber, gold, iron and diamonds you want.
5. Wait 15 minutes and then check your account to see that it worked.

There you have it. That is all you have do to with this new Boom Beach Hack 2015. It is that easy. Head over to our website at to download the hack right now.

Clash of Clans Cheats 2014

Clash of Clans is the most popular game app on the market today! It has been the top grossing app on the Apple App Store for longer than I can remember and has over 10 million downloads between IOS and Android devices. How crazy is that?

If you have not played this game, you should check it out. It passes the time when you are bored and is pretty addicting!

If you have played Clash of Clans, then you know first hand that in order to succeed, you need the best strategies and cheats that you can get your hands on! That is where came in for me!

I got some great tips on this site, some of which have single handily allowed me to defeat enemies that I should never have been able to defeat!

Clash of Clans background.png

The greatest cheat I got was the attack strategy that I got from here. Attacking with high level hog riders and using your spells accordingly and appropriately can allow you to defeat bases with even the best defenses. I never attack without hog riders and regeneration spells anymore!

I also found out how to farm correctly! I used to keep my Town Hall in the middle of my base no matter what. However, when I am farming, I always keep it on the outside so that when someone attacks me, they focus on the Town Hall and leave my loot alone. This also gives me more time to defend against the attack as the Town Hall has a ton of hit points!

No matter what types of cheats you are looking for, whether its for dark elixir, gold, regular elixir, gems, etc, this site will have what you are looking for! They also put videos up showing you exactly what they are talking about. I have only them and the wiki to thank for how far along my base is in Clash of Clans right now!