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IMVU is a very popular game and many people are always looking for IMVU cheats codes to use while playing. Although it is somewhat difficult to find cheats codes on the internet for this game I have found two great sites that provide more than enough IMVU cheats for you to use.
imvu.jpgMany of these cheats codes are for your avatar and your room. You can grab cheats for new hair, clothes, jewlery, tattoos and even items for your room. One of the best sites that I have found to find IMVU cheats codes is IMVU World. To get access to all of their IMVU cheats codes click the link. Not only do they have cheats but the site also have other helpful information such as how to get free IMVU credits. I deffinetly recommend checking their site out for help to the game.

Another great site that I found useful was the main IMVU site as well. IMVU has a lot of helpful information on what you can do to get free credits if you don't want to pay for them. They have a new program that you can also pass out your coupon code and if someone uses it you get free credits added to your account.

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