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Hello everyone, I just wanted to welcome you to the Neopets Cheats blog. Here you will find all the latest Neopets cheats and game walkthroughs for the Neopets games. If you haven't experienced playing Neopets yet than you are missing out.

Neopets is a community where you get to play many different fun games allowing you to collect neopoints for your neopets. You can then use these neopoints to buy specialty items for your neopets. Not only that, but as you play more games your Neopet will gain more skill in which you will be able to compete in different battles to win new items. Neopets also offers a mall where you can spend your neopoints on different items for your neopet. Some of these items include clothing, weapons, food and gifts.

To gain more points during gameplay NeopetsUniverse.com has found the best Neopets Cheats for you to use. They offer many different cheats and walkthroughs that will help you earn a better score during the game. You can find any type of cheat or walkthough you want. Some of the cheats consist of increasing the time limit, extra lives, block popups and even secrets to collect more neopoints without playing games. Earning a better score will give you more points for that game. Be sure to check back on our blog to get these latest cheats and walkthroughs. If you haven't opened an account yet, don't wait now any longer, head to the Neopets site and open an account. To get an account is free and very easy to do. Within a couple minutes you will be ready to play games with your neopet.

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