Games Like Neopets

Many people love playing Neopets but are looking for other games like Neopets to play as well. For that reason I have complied a list below of some games you an play that are similar and just as fun.Below is only a small list; however, if you would like to see the full list of games like Neopets you should check out the list at Neopets Universe.

Games Like Neopets

The first game like Neopets is Monkey Quest. Monkey Quest is a world put together full of different levels. You can play for free; however, you will only have access to certain levels and equipment. If you already have an account with Neopets then you can use that same account to play Monkey Quest as well so it makes it easy for you.

Wizard 101 is another online game like Neopets. This is a little different game but you still have to explore different levels and battle enemies in order to try to save Wizard City. While on your journey you get to collect creatures and train them by playing in pet games and battles.

We hope you enjoyed this small list of games, again visit that site if you want to see a full list of games like Neopets.

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