Week 1: Jan 14-18

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Recently in class we discussed some of the differences between Evolution Biology, and Developmental Biology and what each focuses on when looking at causality, genes, targets, variation, history and timescale.

The Evolutionist focuses on selection, the source of variation, trans elements, diversity and change, phylogeny and a time scale of approximately 10-10^9 years.

The Developmental Biologist focuses on the proximate mechanisms, directors of function, cis elements, universality and constancy, cell lineage, and a time scale of about 10-10^7 years.

Overall, Evolution, Ecology, and Developmental Biology are three subdivisions that all contribute to the study of Biology.

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Seems like "10 to 10^9" and "10 to 10^7" are similar (potentially) "great gobs of time" What is the significance of the missing 10^2 (100 years) in the second characterization. Or was there a typo or even a thought-o here?


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