Week 3: Jan 28- Feb 1

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Interesting article we read in class this week- "Specifying Positional Information in the Embryo: Looking beyond Morphogens" by Michel Kerszberg and Lewis Woplert

This is what I learned/ Notes on the paper:

Positional Information- is a mechanism for pattern formation that depends on morphogens and direct cell-cell interaction. An example of this is the "French Flag Model."-when a cell acquires a positional value determined by their distance from a boundary and can interpret this information.

Two conditions specify positional information: precision and robustness

Precision: the positioning of boundaries between different cell types
Robustness: reproducible distribution of morphogens, in spite of other events.

Polarity: directional information of single cell (scale different between positional information)

Some molecules mentioned:
DPP, Sonic Hedge Hog and Activin

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