Week 8: March 4-8

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This week I would like to return to a topic that I discussed in week 6; Mosaicism vs. Regulation. After reading Chelsae's Blog I decided it's worth discussing which of these processes is "more important" or the "right way." To elaborate I do not think either of these mechanism is more important or "better" than the other but rather they both play an important role in development. It is a combination of all these process that contribute to the complexity of development. For Weismann's theory about nuclear determinates, there are developmentally important proteins/RNA's that are unevenly distributed during cell division that lead to the fates of the daughter cells. These factors were termed cytoplasmic determinates. Now the term "mosaic" refers to eggs/embryos that develop as if their pattern of development was determined very early by the differential distribution of different molecules. This determines cell fate at an early stage. Examples that have a significant amount of mosaic development are Caenorhabditis and ascidian embryos. The biggest difference between regulative and mosaic embryos in the importance/amount of cell-cell interactions. In regulative development the cell-cell interactions are absolutely necessary to recognize and restore "the missing cell".
In conclusion, I feel that it is nearly impossible to sum up the phenomenon of development with just one of these terms because the development of an embryo is a complex process in itself and is regulated by even more complex processes.

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