Mother helps her son kill his wife after giving birth to a baby girl

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A mother and son duo murdered a woman after she bore the man his third daughter.

Police in northern Afghanistan say that Sher Mohammed, 29, strangled his wife, Storay, after she bore him his third daughter. Mohammed's mother Wali Hazrata was also accused of aiding her son in the attack, CNN reported.

Hazrata and Mohammed first beat Storay and then strangled her to death, police said.

When Hazrata was detained and questioned about the murder, she denied any wrongdoing and said that "Shoray herself felt guilty and committed suicide."

Mohammed has not been found. Police believe that he is being protected by militiamen, All Voices reported.

Attacks on women are still common in Afghanistan, although the Taliban has lost control of the region.

The Afghan government does little to protect the rights of women or enforce punishment when crimes occur, CNN reported.

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What a tragic, gruesome story.

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