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Although Steve Jobs died last October, I thought his obituary in the New York Times had a lot of impact.

The lead used the classic New York Times style with the full name, identifying factor or claim to fame, and age at the end listed simply as "He was 56."

The lead was effective because it stated simply that Steve Jobs completely changed life as we know it in the digital age, siting many avenues like music, movies and mobile communications.

There are many sources listed. Some of them are:
-Family friends
-Previous interviews
-Bill Gates
-Twitter users
-Steven Levy, author of "Insanely Great"
-Edwin Catmull, co-founder of Pixar
-Regis McKenna, a Silicon Valley marketing executive

The obit differs from a resumé because of the ability to see into the person's character rather than just their accomplishments. Other people have the ability to weigh in on the person's life.

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