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Prompt #3

The first place we begin to learn values is at home and school. Our parents teach us their ideas about the world and this is our only idea of truth until we start school. There we are exposed to many opinions and learn there is more than one viewpoint apart from our sheltered family existence. We are exposed to many ideas and begin to learn that it is important to think for yourself and create our own goals and ideals.
Make your own path.
own path.jpg

What's around us affects how we see things.
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I know that my ideas of the world are strongly influenced by what surrounds me. I value the environment, being from Minnesota I could not imagine a world that you would not be able to enjoy lakes and forests. I also value safety since I had a wonderful family that protected me when I was young, unfortunately many children do not get that advantage. It is something easily taken for granted when you are young and do not know how much the real world differs from the personal comfort your parents provide. My parents provided the biggest influence on my values, they taught me to think for myself and that any goal you set for yourself is attainable.

window on the world.jpg
Private window to the world.

Some quotes I try to remember…..

“The reward for conformity was that everyone liked you except yourself.?
-Rita Mae Brown, Venus Envy

“Happiness depends upon ourselves.?

“Pick a career field that closely follows a personal passion, regardless of financial implications or job availability. The most successful people in life are passionate about their work.?

“Sometimes the hardest thing in the world can be to open your eyes & look at things the way they really are…But whatever you see, no matter how painful- it’s better than not seeing at all….?
-last 2 unknown authors/ Mom’s advice
Song List
Wish upon a Star
Amazing Grace
One- Creed

I remember to always search for the truth and create my own opinions, never believe that something is impossible thereby limiting your self.
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