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Response #1

When examining the city I think it is impossible to ignore the people who are the essence and what makes a city, for there is a reason it has the name 'city' and not 'country' or 'town' or numerous other names attached to such places. In fact the energy of the city comes from the people who work, live and play there. Everyday the flow of people begins with the congestion of buses, trains, and traffic bringing them closer to the city's heart. Andy Goldsworthy references his obsession with water in rivers and seas, which is exactly what the commute of people reminds me of. Just as a stream has many tributaries that feed it and becomes part of a river, the daily commuters start in their cul-de-sacs and side roads all slowly funneling into highways and freeways, bringing them closer to the city's center. Each morning the city transforms to life from the influx of people starting work, going to school, and numerous other activities. Curiously, night brings the opposite as people head home and the stream reverses flow back to smaller tributaries, the people scattering to distant points to breathe life into their small communities until the next day.

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The commuter rail could change the path of the river, what would that mean for the city's energy?