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2/11/08- Monday

This was the first day that I got to work with the kids. The schedule is all set now so I will be going every Monday and it sound like they have other volunteers set to cover the rest of the week. I really had fun today. It was great to work with the students and they seemed to like having us there. They said that the students had actually requested to have tutors and that makes it so much more enjoyable because they get to choose whether they want to come work with us. Everyone I worked with seemed ready to concentrate on the material, which was one concern I had. I wasn’t sure if the teachers would be the ones to single out kids and send them for tutoring which may have given us people who did not want help.
My only concern is that I am not sure what to study; I had thought that they would be bringing homework with them, but they had anticipated that we would provide the materials. There were some books in the room so I asked what they would like to look at and we went though some basic math that will be on the skills testing. Once we got going it all went pretty smoothly.