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Colonialist deployment of 'feminist criteria'

Among the three areas of controversy which fracture the potential unity between postcolonialism and feminism proposed by Leela Gandhi, one is “colonialist deployment of ‘feminist criteria’ ?.

Using “feminist criteria?, I suppose she means feminist ideas to improve women’s lives, basic rights (as we define them as western European women) such as freedom, equal rights, right of expression, choice...

The notion of “colonialist? refers to colonialism in its basic definition, which is taking power, keeping under control and trying to impose over another group. The term “deployment? accentuates “colonialist? and gives even more the impression of going everywhere, being everywhere and not letting the choice about our presence.

Now, if we associate all the terms, I think that Leela Gandhi wants to underline the illogical argument proposed by some feminists: they want to free third world women by imposing their arguments, and consequently in some way, by taking over their ideas, colonizing their way of thinking. How is it possible to free someone on the one hand, and in the other hand, to force them into a way of thinking that they probably do not want?

Yet, I have to specify here that I do not completely agree with this way of thinking, and more particularly with the parallel idea that we, as feminists, behave the same as colonialists with third world women.
In fact, I think that some women from the third world cannot express themselves about the way they perceive their culture because they have never been allowed to express about it. They simply undergo their condition. And then, even if we ask them about it, they will not be able to stay objective.
During class we read an extract from Mary Daly’s Gyn/Ecology and talked about “suttee?. Even if she tends to be extremist in her words, we have to question : how is it possible for these women to say that they do not want to be burnt, since they have been told and repeated that this is part of their culture? .