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Curry and Country

What is the point Narayan is making in this chapter and what question do you have after reading this chapter?

Narayan is trying to get people to understand the meaning of "ethnicity" and how it comes about in dominating cultures. For example, the Indians coming into England are the two primary cultures that Uma Narayan uses throughout the entire chapter. She wants people to understand that many dominating cultures take over certain traditions from "the Others." England fabricates the concept of eating curry in their new traditions and many times they only try these new "ethnic foods" because it makes themselves feel better and more rounded. Narayan also points out that people have forgot to look inside the culture itself and see the differences within a particular aculture. The dominating people look at restaurants with immigrants working and do not care to think about the stress it puts on their families because they are working non stop to make a living. Instead, people focus on the difference between the dominating culture and the "other" culture. She uses food because it is a concrete way of using analogies and explaining patterns dealing with "otherness."
My question I still have after reading chapter 5 is why did her grandma sneak around and eat junkfood? I don't understand this because she seems to put such an importance on culture and tradition and the importance of all of those things.