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Deployment of Feminist Criteria

I am not quite positive what Ghandi means by "Feminist criteria," but I think that she is talking about the condescending and eurocentric ways that Western Feminists have pushed their ideas on "third world women." Western Feminists often disregard the problems that we have in our own country and act like sexism is happening much more often and to worse extents in non-Western countries. We must look at the relations of patriarchies around the world and how Western influences and globalization effect the position of "third world" women. Western women do not have the authority and knowledge of third world women's experiences in order to analyze their lives, and tell them how they should live. Often, when Western Feminist "deploy" their feminism it creates feminist backlash and resistance even more than before. Women become the symbolic representation of the nation and are made to uphold certain traditions and ideas. I found the discussion on the Mensahibs very interesting. The role that Brittish women played in Feminism in Colonial India was very interesting. Ghandi talks about nationalist anxieties about Western "feminism" (478). She discusses how the mensahibs and their western feminism "establishes a direct and problematic enmity between "brown men" and "brown women" (478).