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Gandhi's Jive

Explain what Gandhi means by the "area of controversy" having to do with the figure of the "third world woman."

In Leela Gandhi's writing, Postcolonialism and Feminism, she describes the construction of the third world woman, positioned as a subaltern. She describes the role of theory working toward abstraction to the point of erasure in narrating the third world woman's experience, often misinterpreting them as oppression or lucid injustices. She also describes the construction of the third world difference in which it is necessary to stop speaking for and start speaking to other cultures and cultural members or groups in conversation. Gandhi describes the arrogance and ignorance that propels theorists' persistence to inform other cultures of their oppression. She describes first world feminists inclination to tell third world women of their oppression, informing them that the US is better. She explains that this imperial gesture condemning other cultural traditions originates from an area of controversy or divisions between postcolonialism and feminist theory.