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Ghandi's Figure of the "Third World Woman"

After reading Leela Ghandi's "Postcolonialism and Feminism," it is my understanding that the image of the "third world woman" brings up many areas of controversy of which include: homogenizing the third world woman as the "Others" in which they encompass different qualities that are seen as undesirable by the Western culture, and because ethnocentric myopia disregards the enormous material and historical difference between the real third world women. I liked how Ghandi (when referring to Spivak's reading), referred to "catching the authoritative knower in the act of 'epistemic violence'--or authoritarian knowing." I really liked how she stated this because the way in which we do refer to the third world women in this country is a demeaning term used and is in fact epistemic violence because why should the western culture have the power to accuse their cultures as subordinate and undesirable?