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Postcolonial theory and feminism

Explain what Gandhi means by the "area of controversy" having to do with the "the 'feminist-as-imperialist.'
Imperialism associated with western feminism in looking to aid ‘the third-world woman’ is a unique problem. These feminists may genuinely have their best interests at heart, but there will always be an inherent sense of hierarchy, patriarchy, and dominance. Gandhi quotes while analyzing Trinh “The consciousness of difference, identified by Trinh, sets up an implicit culturalist hierarchy wherein almost inevitably the ‘native woman’ suffers in contrast with her western sibling…the western feminist creates an insuperable division between “I-who-have-made-it and You-who-cannot-make-it?
I believe according to Iris Young’s “Five Faces of Oppression?, that in the process of trying to represent and speak for these women, western feminists are practicing cultural imperialism and marking the third-world woman as the ‘other’. While we certainly have the right to speak out against what is wrong and fight for what is right, I believe as feminists we need to stay humble and remember that there is no absolute universal right or wrong; everything is indeed relative. If we forget this and begin to speak for oppressed groups, we can become demeaning, arrogant, and hurt their cause. This represents the area of controversy.