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Third World Woman

In Leela Gandhi's "Postcolonialism and Feminism" she describes the "third world woman" as "ignorant, poor, uneducated, tradition-bound, domesticated, family-oriented, and victimised," while at the same time views the Western woman as "educated, modern, and having control over their own bodies, and has the freedom to make their own decisions." In other words, both Said and Mohanty describe the third world as not be able to represent themselves and instead, needing to be represented by someone else. Therefore saying that the third world woman is seen as just an "object" to the Western, more privileged people. So the "area of controversy" that Gandhi is talking about is whether or not the "first world women" could exist without the "third world women." Mohanty argues that without the third world women, the self presentation of western women would not be the same.