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third world woman

I believe one part of the "area of controversy" for the "third world woman" is that it allows "first" world women to not analyze their own life and experiences. By analyzing the "third" world woman and her short comings it allows the "first" world woman to not deal with hers. The concept that the "third" world woman is much worse off allows for imperialist ideas to take root. It creates and uneven power differential. This power differential is dangerous because it reestablishes forms of oppression and power that are originally being dismantled. As a woman who's passions for the longest time were in international cultures, I find some of the reading challenging and difficult because it challenges me to analyze why I am motivated to do what I do at all. As a white person I have a great amount of privilege. One of the many privileges is this ability to pick what social justice issue I want to stand up for. So if it is not appropriate to speak for others than what do I do? Who do I speak for? Who do I identify with....especially in a culture that puts some much emphasis on how you identify yourself.
Overall I think it is important to question why one does things or not... what is the motivation ? Do you help/speak for other people so you don't have to help or speak for yourself? I don't know... I still deal wrestle with these questions.