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Third World Women

I think the area of controversy surrounding the "third world woman" is the fact that this term is so generalized and stereotypes an entire group of people. She says that the third world woman has the certain stereotype of being "ignorant, poor, uneducated, tradition- bound, domesticated, family oriented and victimized", while Western women are seen as "educated, modern, as having control over their own bodies and sexualities, and the freedom to make their own decisions" (TF 472). This shows that our culture views the third world woman as completely lower and not worth as much. She also states that many feminists feel the need to speak for the third world woman, but I don't think that this is a good idea. The Western feminists have no idea what the third world woman is really like because she has never and probably will never have to experience anything that the third world woman has. Western women and the third world woman obviously have nothing in common according to the definition which was previously stated. I think that speaking for someone else is almost dangerous because people take offense to things easily and you might not be able to really get the right point that you meant without offending the third world woman. The fact that the third world woman is a mixture of race and gender makes the situation a lot harder to talk about as well. People always seem to get uncomfortable at the talk of race and it makes it easier to look stupid when you're trying to represent a group that never asked you to represent them in the first place.