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"Through the Looking-Glass Darkly"

The points that Narayan is making in chapter four "Through the Looking-Glass Darkly" is about the different roles that are understood as "Preoccupations." The emissary role is based on what Narayan suggests as the "cultural riches" as talking merely of the goods things about ones culture. It is a position placed on the speaker to change negative attitudes and conceptions of the Third World cultures. The position of the "Mirror" is a standpoint for cultural reflection. One may use information about another culture to only learn more about their own culture. One does not learn about the other culture for growth, but for reflection. The "authentic insider" is a position where on may feel they are portrayed as a representative of "the whole culture or the whole group" in regards to the Third World cultures. A question I ponder is....I know Third World feminist feel forced into these roles, but sometimes it is the only access of information about other cultures that some may encounter...isn't it still valuable that we are learning something about different cultures opposed to no questioning at all??