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Always know the context!

The most important use of the veil in the film in my opinion was the scene where Marji has to use it to cover her entire body so as to be unnoticed. She is taking herself out of the private realm, where she can wear no veil and be more personal with her outer cloths, and goes into public where she cant be so much of an individual with her outer wear and has to be an individual with her inner-self. It is important to note that the veil isn't smoldering their identities, It is simply forcing it to be shown in different ways. For example, at the party when everyone has their veils off, this doesn't mean that they hate to be veiled. Like the clip on U-tube pointed out, the veil can be used in a woman's favor, to hide things they don't want people to see like being poor for example. At a party when your young and rebellious, being veiled isnt so much the priority.

I would like to pull from my numerous other readings done in other classes as well because the veil in this movie and in our media is a highly political subject of third world women. It is the "saving rhetoric" that many western feminists have gotten themselves into when talking about the veil. Third world women are viewed as being oppressed and being forced to hide their identities when the veil is really not a huge issue to the third-world women themselves. This issue is taken on with a western viewpoint as well as a western context, neither of which is applicable at all to third world women culture, politics, and ideals.