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"Gender Trouble" Judith Butler

"The masculine/feminine binary constitutes not only the exclusive framework in which that specificity can be recognized but in every other way the “specificity� of the feminine is once again fully decontextualized and separated off analytically and politically from the constitution of class, race, ethnicity, and other axes of power relation that both constitute “identity� and make the singular notion of identity a misnomer� pg. 355 of Theorizing Feminisms, “Gender Trouble� - Judith Butler

If I had one sentence to use from Judith Butler’s “Gender Trouble� to summarize the Feminist Theory course, I do believe this would be the one. In every paper I have written for this class, on rape culture, black female oppression and third world feminism there always appears to be one underlying theme: interlocking oppressions. One’s oppression is not caused singularly by one dimension, but by many even if the majority of them are the least marginalized within a group –they too work within that person’s make-up to form an individual, just for them special kind of personalized oppression, if you will. I think Butler is trying to say, being a female, given that noun exists in her world, is more than one dimensional. There are many other factors, so many factors that there truly is no black and white way to classify even within a casual sense, let alone a public, judicial one.