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Judith Butler

"The qualifications for being a subject must first be met before representation can be extended"-pg. 353

Judith Butler is trying to say that in order for a woman to be acknowledged as woman, they must meet the criteria that society holds women towards. In our culture, women have a number of stereotypes they "should" possess in order to follow the norms. If women are different than the "girly" girls they are usually frowned upon by the rest of society. Transvestites are the perfect example for this theory. When other people see a transvestite or transsexual they do not recognize them as female. People are not understanding of those who fall outside of the norms in culture. In the movie we watched in class, it was obvious when transvestites were arrested for trying to use the bathroom they felt they belonged in. Society will only give a subject credit if he/she fits the category they feel is correct.