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Judith Butler

"The identity of the feminist subject ought not to be the foundation of feminist politics, if the formation of the subject takes place within a field of power regularly buried through the assertion of that foundation" (356).
I believe this sentence is a main part of Butler's argument. When she says that there should be no feminist subject at the foundation of feminist politics, many would agree that usually this feminist subject is women. However, in her essay "Gender Trouble," she tries to pull away from feminism being surrounding by only women. She also draws out the complications of only two genders in society. Whether a man, woman, white, black, etc, etc, is the feminist subject of feminist politics, we are pushing that subject into facing scrutiny of the power system. If there is a feminist subject at the foundation of feminist politics, this feminist subject will hinder the efforts of feminist politics because there will be constraints from society's power system upon what the feminist politics are trying to accomplish.