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Judith Butler- "Gender Trouble"

Butler states "Indeed, to understand identity as a practice, and as a signifying practice, is to understand culturally intelligible subjects as the resulting effects of a rule-bound discourse that inserts itself in the pervasive and mundane signifying acts of linguistic life (359)." Here, I believe Butler is trying to convey that identity is just the product of repitition, if culture didn't continually repeat itself (as far as gender and gender roles are concerned), we wouldn't have the same identities that are presented to us at birth and enforced through societal norms. Identities are transformed based on cultural practices, which are enforced through language. These gender roles that are intertwined with identity are regulated by the power structures in society. These power structures aren't as distinct as the power figures in the Oppression Model of Power, much like Focault's theory of Panopticon, the source of power is not explicit so we internally police our own bodies. This policing of our own bodies prevents us from obtaining an authentic identity, as we are trying to conform to the societal norms.