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Judith Butler page 360

"The critical task is, rather, to locate strategies of subversive repetition enabled by those constructions, to affirm the local possibilities of intervention through participating precisely those practices of repetition that constitute identity and, therefore, present the immanent possibility of contesting them" (360).

Butler is able to conceive of a way to break down Gender binaries, the identities that, although not natural, are naturalized through naming and repetition within society. She has been critical of feminism for using identity categories to "free" women. She points out that re-using an identity that contains within it all the oppressive constructions that feminist seek to liberate women from ultimately can do nothing but re-inscribe those constructions. Her solution is to repeat other constructions using altered language and separate categories. Every instance of queer identity that exists outside the binary but engages with the norms is able to challenge or queer those norms in potentially revolutionary ways.
In Oregon this year a transgender mtf was elected mayor of the town of Silverton. An obviously queer person holding an elected office challenges the normalized notions of shame and closeting or passing that Americans have come to associate with trans identities. Being proud, out, open and very well respected helps re-inscribe not only the notions of what it means to be man and woman but what constitutes respectability and political viability. This is perhaps a type of "intervention" that Butler could point to in positing a way of contesting existing binaries.