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"Assuming for the moment the stability of binary sex, it does not follow that the construction of 'men' will accrue exclusively to the bodies of males or that 'women' will interpret only female bodies" (356).

This sentence by Judith Butler argues what many feminists have been saying for years, gender is socially constructed. Since gender is socially constructed this means that one is not born inherently with the "male" or "female" gender. Instead, gender is taught, created, and enforced by the society in which one lives. For example, boys are not inherently born to like playing with cars and girls are not inherently born to like playing iwth barbie dolls, this is taught. There are very specific traits that boys and girls are taught they must possess to fit into the gender categories of "boys" and "girls". Since gender is taught by one's culture and not inherent in either sex, it is very possible that one born into the sex of a male may most identify with the gender of a girl and vice-versa. The gender of a woman is not exclusive to females because it is socially created and not biological.