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Unpacking Judith Butler's Sentence:

Sentence: "The identity of the feminist subject ought not to be the foundation of feminist politics, if the formation of the subject takes place within a field of power regularly buried through the assertion of that foundation. Perhaps, paradoxically, "representation" will be shown to make sense for feminism only when the subject of "women" is nowhere presumed" (Love this quote!!)

O.K. Judith - She is saying that the identification of a "feminist subject" is a creation of a subject located within a power hierarchy. Moreover, owning and internalizing the identity of the "feminist subject" upholds the system of oppression. Therefore, if feminist politics analyze and battle the construction of such hierarchies of power, then the observation and deconstruction of them cannot be done by individuals that are buried within the system through their identification as a "feminist subject". She claims that the removal of the subject of "women" could remedy this situation. (She is fun!)