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I enjoyed the readings from this week because the content was confrontational and encouraged us to engage into the readings further. The stories were based off of the struggles of motherhood, some being; shame, lack of support, and opposing societal norms. At first I found it intriguing that in Cinnamon Shafak wrote about abortion because it is a taboo subject to write about, but I have to admit that I was a little disappointed with the fact that in the end Zeliha doesn't get the abortion. (Not for the sake of the child, but for the story). It only made me question her intentions for writing about abortion in the first place. I feel that by not getting the abortion, the piece really isn't that taboo. Yes, it does confront the issue of abortion, but I feel that the story isn't as powerful because she doesn't follow through with the "unusual" and resorts back to the "normal". This also made me question whether Shafak's decision to not have Zeliha follow through with the abortion was influenced by her own life, and how she would have been viewed had she written about a woman following through with an abortion.

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