Blog #1: Motherhood

I really enjoyed the last week's reading selections. I appreciated the fact that they brought a whole new light to the idea of motherhood. They were not your "typical" stories you would assume to read when the topic in mind is "motherhood." I thought they were all extremely powerful, brave pieces that brought very important issues to the surface. My favorite reading would probably have to be "Cinnamon" because it dealt with the pressures and expectations young women all over the world are forced to deal with. I thought that this piece was especially important because it addressed the taboo issue of abortion. I loved Shafak's characterization of Zeliha. She was rebellious, brass, independent, courageous, and yet underneath it all she was just like any other young 19 year old girl who was desperately seeking the approval and support of her family and the world around her. Shafak's piece was really a joy for me to read because it brought humor, excitement, and truth all together to address an issue about the hardships and serious decisions a woman faces when entering motherhood.

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