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The readings this week were especially interesting because the topic of desire is rarely discussed. I personally have always thought of desire as what I have seen in movies or read in books. After finishing the Audre Lorde piece, I was left thinking about how she perceives desire. I then realized that I, as an individual, don't have a solid definition for what I understand as desire. The piece that has resonated the most is Winterson's "The poetics of Sex." I thought it was beautiful how she took a very taboo topic and confronted some of the most controversial issues in a somewhat humors manner. Her language is engaging because of her sentence structure and metaphors. All of the characters were seeking approval of others. A large example of this was in "The Picture" the mother and the little girl are searching and worried they won't have the approval of others. These readings all intertwine the emotion of desire and include the different obstacles in defining who you truly are.

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