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In the last week's readings we discussed the often taboo topic of desire. At times this theme identified itself sexually, but at other times as strictly emotional. Audre Lorde wrote on the possibility of incorporating the erotic into our lives more often and thus making our smaller daily tasks more meaningful and fulfilling. From both Lorde's description and my own interpretation of the erotic, I think this means going into everything more emotionally, more intensely and allowing oneself to feel essentially everything. In Jeanette Winterson's "The Poetics of Sex" everything is amplified in this way. While much of the story is (comically) exaggerated and sexual, other segments like the description of how lesbians love one another is still erotic and deep, without being sexualized. The entire piece as a whole does this; it takes obnoxiously inquiring questions like "What do lesbians do in bed?" and flips them on the interviewer, to include a poetic, emotional answer that really is erotic, but not explicit in a pornographic way.

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