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I can't Believe its over. Skimming through the course packet and looking over all my highlights and notes still doesn't make it real. We covered a lot of material in this class in comparison to my other classes this semester. I have to say that the first half of the semester's readings drew me in the most. My favorite piece of this whole course was without a doubt "The Semiotics of Sex" by Jeanette Winterson. I can still remember literally yelling and screaming in my apartment as I read aloud to myself. This reading pulled me away from the fictional stories I usually am drawn to. I don't think that any kind of writing is more enlightening or illuminating than the other, I like picking through fantasy for hidden messages. Jeanetter Winterson blew me away with this essay as she relentlessly spoke her truth. Some highlights for me were:

"What you fuck is much more important than what you write.This may be because reading takes more effort than sex." ..."Learning to read is a skill that marshals the entire resources of body and mind".... "Art is the realization of complex emotion"..."The convenient lies fall; the only boundaries are the boundaries of our imagination."

These are just a few of the quotes I have used throughout the semester to inspire my own reading and writing habits. Though I am not sure I have used them well. There is always tomorrow I guess. I have changed my reading habits in the sense that I think about who the author is but I also try to forget. I love knowing how to position myself as "the reader" and the author as a "person". But I also love trying to forget about all of this and reading the text out loud as if the thoughts came out of my own head. It makes it a but more painful when the topics are heavy (and most of them were) but it also helps me to be honest when reflecting on the meanings afterward. Its easier to miss meaning because we don't like the style a writer uses or the the dialect they communicate in. But that is the beautify of what we are practicing. Its not a skill many people are even aware of, and if they were it is not one many would strive to work at.

Jeanette Winterson used a quote in her essay that I will keep with me for the rest of my life. I know this will always be a truth for me. Someday I will go to graduate school (maybe) and I will critique authors like Winterson and Lorde and I will attempt to disagree with their thoughts and theories as I develop my own. But this quote will stand like a pillar that all the other thoughts will have to learn how to live with... like dancers rehearsing in a new studio/stage, adapting to the space & changing their choreography to fit the bigger(or smaller) floor. I will end my final blog with this quote. My pillar.

"What would happen if one woman told the truth about herself? The world would split open". -Muriel Rukeyser

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