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My favorite readings this year were those which fell under the desire and sexuality category. I am very aware of physical language and sensory syntax, and therefore could interpret a lot of meanings from the pieces. Specifically, I loved "Cinnamon" by Elif Shafak as well as "The Poetics of Sex" by Jeanette Winterson. These politically fueled pieces surrounded by physical language illustrate situations which define people by their actions and not based on their internal substance, and the stories and people which exist beneath the surface. I am in support of diversity and alternative lifestyles and I think it is very important that word of these themes get spread in the mainstream ideology. I also find it interesting when authors write based on their own experiences. Marjane Satrapi's excerpt from Embroideries represented life experiences in another culture through humor and stories. I liked the illustrated versions of the stories which span cultures and are passed down through generations. The conversational tone to the piece made it easy to relate to and the illustrations gave the story life. Overall, I have enjoyed reading across cultures and getting a look into lives which I would not be able to without the kind of readings we experienced this semester.

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