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Looking back on this semester, there were many readings that interested me. I really enjoyed the unit on Motherhood as many of the readings brought up some raw emotions that don't typically get associated with motherhood. I also had so much fun reading Marjane Satrapi's "Embroideries" due to the way she combined two different mediums to express her ideas on Iranian gender relations and opened up a dialogue that could be accessible to many people. However, if I had to pick one solid favorite piece that I have read multiple times, it would definitely be "Happy Endings" by Margaret Atwood. The dry and sarcastic way in which she presents he ideas was incredibly funny to me, but there were also some very profound subjects that she addresses in this piece. It also brought up some topics that I have often wondered about my own life. I have this deep seeded fear that I'm going to end up married with 2.5 kids living in the suburbs, which would be a personal hell to me. Seriously, even the thought of it makes me want to vomit. I have often wondered if this is a fear that other people share, and Atwood confirmed to me that I'm not abnormal for not wanting what America has established as "the norm." I would want to ask Atwood how she feels about marriage in general. Does it always have to end with "living (un)happily ever after" or is in possible to be married and still live an extraordinary. life full of excitement.

Looking at the class as a whole, I would have enjoyed having more blog posts. I loved being able to read other people's feelings about the pieces, especially considering that not everyone was very vocal in class. They often forced me to challenge my own views on the readings, and I did have a different understanding of some of the works based off of reading other blogs. Also, writing the blog made me really analyze why I enjoyed certain pieces more than others. Another thing I'd like to bring up, although we did try to remedy this in class, was that a circle seating would have been much more conducive to discussion. I know there wasn't a whole lot we could do, but I think I would have gotten a little more out of the discussions if we sat in a solid, tight circle.

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