May 8, 2008

OBE #3: Why aren't we doing anything???

During the movie The 11th Hour, I could not help but think: “How is it that we have not banded together to do something about this climate change catastrophe?? It has not been until recently that we have seen a great increase in the attention drawn towards global warming through movements such as “going green?. However, we have known about this awful turn for the worst for a long time. I find it so strange that our society is trying to downplay or ignore what climate change has in store for our future. We have done so much damage to our planet and it is going to take a lot more than a few acts of going green to rectify the problem.
In the movie, the speakers suggest the idea that we are currently in a challenge of human society versus nature. Unfortunately this face-off does not look good for human society. The environment knows how and is able to take care of itself. The environment will find a way to prevail, but the question is whether or not we will. It is our fault that we are using too many of the earth’s resources. We are destroying the planet and our chances for survival and, for some strange reason, hardly doing anything about it.
I found it interesting that humans have not been around very long in comparison to other creatures, yet we have done the most disastrous damage. Our thought process as a society is completely wrong when it comes to fixing this terrible change in the environment. In fact, our thought process as a society barely focuses on the environment at all. Yesterday, I watched the nightly news anchors pitch a story on the increase of gas prices. Interestingly enough, the entire story focused on how terrible this increase would be for our economy. I thought to myself, “Who cares about the economy? Why isn’t there a greater focus on gas and the damage we are causing to the earth?? The damage to the economy is an immediate problem that we are able to grasp because it is hurting us now. The global warming issue is relatively abstract to us at the moment. People understand that we are harming the environment but it is not greatly impacting our lives at the moment. A few decades down the road, when the damage will be much greater, people will (hopefully) begin to try to fix the irreparable damage that has been done for some many years. It is extremely unfortunate that we are not challenged to think of our actions and the long term consequences that they bring. There is not enough awareness on the environmental issues. As stated in the video, many environmental incidents are depicted as isolated events by the media, but they are in fact connected and all contribute to a much larger problem.
It is unfortunate that the media and our government are not actually trying to contribute to rectifying this catastrophe. I cannot help but think back to the fact that the electric car was crushed and pulled right out from underneath the people. Something like that is exactly what we need. We needed it along time ago and we definitely need it now. The government subsidizing our gas prices only encourages our use of cars and gas. It is unfortunate that people in higher power do not actually use it for the greater good of the people.
I do not know how we will do it, but we need to come together as a society and decide to put an end to destruction of the earth and its resources. There are too many of us that use too many resources, too fast. We need to make the distant consequences of our actions a reality because those consequences will come up on us fast if we do not start acting soon.

January 31, 2008

Can't get no satisfaction

4. How can we be both the "eternal consumer" yet "permanently denied" satisfaction?

In our group we discussed the old idea that "money can't buy happiness". A person may have plenty of money to buy that top of the line product that just came out, but there will always be another new top of the line product on its way. This creates a never-ending cycle of trying to "keep of with the Jones' ". A person that continues to buy the latest and newest gear to seek satisfaction will continually be disappointed when they discover that once they get the product in their hands it is already old.