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Are Cell phones and ipods discouraging social interactions? #4

The use of ipods and cell phones by university students is creating a new social problem that needs to be addressed. When I considered this idea, I asked at least ten 10 students at random if they own ipod, mp3 or cell phone. All 10 said they own ipod, mp3, cell phone, and laptops.

Apart from constant distraction cell phnoes and ipods cause in classes and libraries, there are other social implications. These gadgets appear to discourage social interactions among students. This story will focus on how ipods, mp3, cell phone text messaging and other computer-related student activies are making social interactions among students to disappear and what can be done to change this trend.

Professor Ellen Berscheid, Department of Psychology
Tel : 612 625 6641

Gary Antilla, sociology junior

Hassan Rage, Global Studies student


Very interesting and topical. I assume you chose these sources because you believe they all have opinions on the matter? This is fine, but in the future, if it's not clear from the source's title why they would be a credible source, please write a very brief explanation of why we'd be talking to them. Good job.