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GOP National Convenction: Does Minnesota Benefit ?

There are conflicting ideas about the economic benefit to the state of Minnesota abount the scheduled 2008 Republican National Convention. One sould like to know the economic benefit for Minnesota. A Well researched article that on this topic could prove very timely for both ordinary Minnesotans local government policy makers. This is because Ron Carey, Minnesota Republican chair has said the state stand to benefit $145 million from the event. Others have disputed this claim.

Tom Hanson, Commissioner of Finance
651 201 8010 email:tom.j.hanson@state.mn.us

Professor V.V. Chari, Chair of the Paul Frenzel Land Grant, Department of Economic, University of Minnesota
612 626 7151 Email: Chari@res.mpls.frb.fed.us

Mayor Chris Coleman (St. Paul)
651 266 85 10 Email: mayor@ci.stpaul.mn.us


This is good. In a real story pitch, you might be more specific in outlining the claims on both sides, and in suggesting how you would go about proving or disproving the claims.