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Arab Leaders Revive Middle East peace process

The story in the New York Times is about Suadi Arabia King Abdullah II's condemnation of United States' presence in Irag. The story quoted the king as saying that the daily violence Irag is the result of the United States' occupation of the country. “In our dear Iraq, the blood is spilling between our brothers in light of an illegitimate foreign occupation,? he said.

In the paragraph that followed the writer shifted from the Irag slant to the quest for Arab Unity. She told readers where the king spoke, and at occasion. During the openning of the two day Arab League Summit where Arab leaders are meeting to consider new proposals aimed at reviving negotiations between the Palestanin Authority and the state of Isreal.

The body gave readers more substantive information with relevant quotes about the Middle East peace process but does very littl to provide information in relation to the lead. This reporter should have stay on the violence in Iraq between the United States military and the insurgents. In a sense, the lead was not supported by the body of the story.

The news value of this story stemmed from the fact that Suadi Arabia is one of United States strong allies on the war on terror. It is a typical hard news story. It answered the elementary questions of what happened, where, when, why it happened and how it happned.

Perhaps focusing on the King's appeal for Arab unity in resolving the Middle east crisis would have improved the story a whole lot. I think quotes and attributions great. Read it at:


This Los Angeles Time version of this story was more focused. The entire story was based on the Middle East leaders to revive the peace negotiation between Isreal and the Palestininan Authority.

The writers used hourglass style in which they talked about the latest standoff between Britain and Iran over the seizure by Iran of 15 British sailors almost a week ago, the Iraq war, the Palestinian-Isrealis conflict.

There many opportuniies for improvement with this story. In the lead was problematic . gather to breathe new life ( met revive Middle east peace process seem better. "unprecedented regional tensions and threats to one of the world's most volatile regions," does not say anything to me. besides, whose opninon is this? A numblems pressing problems (how many were they? 2, 7 or 255? That was berbiage.

In paragraph three, the writers seem to imply that the summit was for a different purspose. I think the whole paragraph personal views rather than what happened or what they as reporters saw or were told. "But the festering conflict between Palestinians and Israelis, viewed by many as the wellspring for the region's rising Islamic radicalism, took center stage at the summit," said who?

On the whole, the story could as fair for people intersted in the Middle East peace process. I certainly will read this story only if I have the time. You can read the full story at the url bellow: