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Was justice done?

A man came home late from work, met his wife having sex in the lover's truck in the driveway. Upon seen the her husband appraoch she allegedly cried rape. The husband who carried a gun shot the man. A Texas jury found the woman guilty but not the shooter.

This is Associated Press story in Electric News. The lead is the clearest and simplest I have read yet. It said, "YOU caused your lover's death by yelling rape when your husband caught you." The jury's decision in this case leaves a big question: Was justice served? If law is all about precedent, then this one is questionable to say the least. An interesting piece.

The story fits a perfect example of a human interest story. It can generate interest in any human society. Attributions, quotes, and other AP styles were applied approriately. An excellent journalistic here.


Same story appeared in the Digital Journal. But this reporter compromised the principles of attribution, quotation and fairness. The reporter got involved in story. For example: "Tracy Roberson didn't want her husband to know about this affair, lied to Darrell that she was being raped. The husband got angry with LaSalle fired four shots as he was trying to escape but it was late, one bullet struck LaSalle in the head and died."

Where did this information come from. The Court? Was it Tracy's confession? If the reporter Roberson "got angry" and shot the man, the implication is he knew what he was doing or that he did it on purpose. He was "provoked" was another opinion. Who said he was provoked?

This sound like a drama the reporter enjoyed and was therefore giving his opninion instead of reporting the fact as it was expected of him. Good story but unprofessional work, in my opinion.